Who can train to be an ELS therapist?

Teachers, learning support specialists, trained tutors, or tertiary trained professionals working in the field of specialised support for children with delays and learning challenges. Those interested in training are interviewed by Dr Lyn Thijsse to ensure that there is a good ‘fit’ between the therapist and the ELS philosophy.



The procedure to get involved with ELS, either as an educational therapist or for an Educational Psychologist is as follows:

  • Use the contact form to send us a request.
  • We will send you a questionnaire which we ask you to complete and return to us.
  • We will contact you to set up an interview, either in person or via Skype.
  • We will send you the training registration documents and ask that these are completed and returned to us.

What training does an ELS Educational therapist have?

Prospective ELS therapists have to attend an intensive and comprehensive training course. Upon completion of this course, they can register with ELS (their details appear on the website and start ELS therapy. Registered therapists obtain updated information on developments in the field of specialised educational needs, as well as updates and developments of the ELS programme. Workshops related to ELS techniques and methodology are presented throughout the year, and these are attended by the therapists to ensure continuous educational development.

About the trainer:

Dr. Lyn Thijsse (DEd (psychology of education); MEd; BEd (special needs); BSC; HDE)
Professional registrations and memberships (HPCSA, HCPC(UK); BPS (chartered psychologist) divisions of educational and child psychology and neuropsychology.

Lyn has 28 years experience in the field of education. Starting as a teacher in the classroom, she developed a special interest in learning disabilities and developmental disorders. This has resulted in continuous studies and courses, both locally and internationally to acquire expertise in various interventions and strategies to assist children who “learn and develop differently”. She developed the ELS Individualised Learning Programme and is actively involved in its implementation within schools for children who, due to the nature of their individual challenges and learning profiles, require daily educational therapeutic intervention.

ELS Training