Metanoia Schools

Eureka Learning Systems is excited to announce that they are now involved in the opening of  Metanoia SchoolsThe first three schools are in Table View, in Port Elizabeth and in Kenilworth (Cape). They are open for enrolments. Please visit Metanoia Schools for more detailed information.

The ELS vision is and has always been driven by our belief that children are not their diagnosis, they are not their disability or their “label”. We do not perceive differences as deficiencies. We believe that by meeting the child “where he/she is at” (developmentally, behaviourally and emotionally) and extending his/her thinking capacity, with specifically selected learning materials, we build up not only the child’s cognition and functional abilities, but also his/her human spirit. Every child deserves access to education that he/she can access at his/her “level of ability” and that focuses equally on their strengths as well as challenges.

The purpose of Metanoia Schools is to provide individualised quality education for children between 3 and 14 years old who are not able to access mainstream education because of the nature of their neurodevelopmental disorders, (including autism) learning differences, social and emotional needs or challenging behaviours.

Our focus:

    • Individualised education: Taking into consideration the type and severity of the needs of the child on an individual basis. No two children with autism or other developmental disorders are the same. Each child’s difficulties as well as their strengths and personality are taken into account when developing each child’s individualised education and development plan 
    • Quality education: A holistic, childcentred individualised educational therapy  intervention programme matched with a differentiated curriculum which is delivered by a team of specialised teaching staff supported by well trained teaching assistants.
    • Community linked: Metanoia Schools see themselves as a specialised education provision within the community. We strive to work in collaboration with school principals of other community schools to ensure transitions between ‘specialised” and “mainstream” schools where applicable to a child. We also strive to join in community projects that involve sports, arts, music and cultural happenings.
    • Multi-Disciplinary engagement and collaboration with medical and related professionals in the field of neurodevelopment disorders.
    • Evidence based monitoring of our schools to ensure an objectively demonstrable improvement in the child’s independence, communication and language skills, cognition, literacy and numeracy development, social, emotional and self-help skills. The emotional well-being and support of our teachers as well as parental concerns and involvement in our schools are included in the monitoring of our Metanoia Schools.

Metanoia Schools is a branch of Eureka Learning Systems (ELS) cc which is  the “umbrella” under which all Metanoia Schools are governed. All schools are independent and are or will be registered with the Education Department and other relevant authorities. They are owned and individually managed (within the Metanoia Schools policy and procedures) by individuals or investors from the community.


We welcome expressions of interest from parties wanting to be part of this exciting new educational venture.