In addition to the extensive training required to be a ELS Educational therapist, ELS conducts workshops which are intended to provide and share information on specific topics and areas of interest related to educational issues, developmental disorders, learning disabilities and management of behaviour.
There are currently no workshops planned until October 2015, as soon as anything is planned it will appear here!
Please use the contact form to indicate interest in or obtain more information on  workshops and / or presentations

 ‘Made to Order’ workshops:

Schools, organisations and professionals involved in education and home support groups can request anyone of the following workshops, or an adaptation of them specific to their needs. Please use the contact form for such an enquiry.
1) Developmental disorders – theories and methodologies
– developmental disorder or pervasive developmental disorder? (with reference to autism/asperger disorder/autism spectrum?; FASD; ADHD)
– different approaches to the management and treatment of the above
Duration: 2 hours – Note this workshop provides an overview to an extensive topic.
2) Preschool (grade R) developmental skills – what to expect
What skills does my preschool child need to acquire to be “ school ready” ?
Duration: 1 hour
3)Discipline = behaviour management 
“how to behave so your children will too”
Duration: 1 hour
4) Neurodevelopmental and Neurocognitive disorders.
DSM-5, ASD, Communication disorders, ADHD, APD, Intellectual disabilities, Specific learning disorders, Motor disorders.
3 sessions of duration 1 hour each.
5) Mediating Mindfully
Duration 1 hour
6) Parental support & practical course
A course aimed at parents of children with a recent “diagnosis” of ASD or any developmental delay. The course covers different methods of intervention, challenging behaviours, and an exploration of theories, causes and incidences.
5 half days
Costs, venues and duration may vary depending on the organisation and the needs required.