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What is ELS?

What is ELS
educational therapy?

What learning materials are used in ELS therapy?

ELS stands for Eureka Learning Systems. is a structured and sequential individualised educational /
learning intervention programme with a developmental focus. It is rooted in
neuroscience and belief in neuroplasticity (the ability to from and reorganise neural
connections in response to learning and experience).

ELS Educational therapy is a one-on-one educational learning / intervention 

programme. The programme consists of five core learning areas: visual perception, auditory perception, language, literacy and numeracy. The programme follows an individualised approach. This may differ from one learning area to the next, depending on the child’s specific learning profile. The focus and content of the educational therapy is thus different for each child.

The learning materials have been developed by ELS to support the methods in which the therapists have been trained.

 Each ELS therapist uses an ELS kit containing hundreds of items to be used in the 5 ELS therapy areas.

What is the educational philosophy behind ELS?

What training does an ELS educational therapist have?

Can a school do
ELS therapy?

All children can learn, no matter if they have a ‘diagnosis’, behavioural- or learning challenges and no matter what the age. A child’s cognition can improve – cognition or thinking is developed by “mediating” a child’s life experiences and developing multiple processing such as visual, auditory, language and writing abilities simultaneously.
Children need to learn at the ‘learning level they are responsive to”, only then will a child engage cognitively.

All ELS therapists attend a 5 day comprehensive training course. They then register with ELS.

Registered therapists obtain updated information on developments in the field of specialised educational needs, as well as updates and developments of the ELS programme. Workshops related to ELS techniques and methodology are presented throughout the year, and these are attended to ensure continuous professional development.

Yes – ELS can be incorporated into an existing school as a educational support alongside the curriculum which is used by the school. Use the website for such initial contact to discuss specific needs.